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friends only
Shy, but friendly. <3
Not really adding at the moment.
PM me for friending.
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My sister took pictures on her iPhone and e-mailed them to my work account so I could post them. XD XD

Mah bb nephew and my step-dad:



He is just so precious. ♥___♥ I can't wait to meet him. I'm trying not to cry at work. I wish I could be there. ;___;

I'm not crossposting because...well, I don't trust my LJ-cutting skillzzzz. So...I'll post this to my LJ when I get home tonight. :)
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*poke poke*
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I am:
-politically liberal
-economically socialist
-pretty much agnostic
-searching for meaning
-silly and wise
-outgoing and painfully shy
-a comedy of errors.

If none of that scares you off, add me, but please leave a message saying you've done so. :)

Eventually these comms will be filled with goodies:
GRAPHICS: [community profile] leaky_sponge
FIC: [community profile] very_danger


{very very danger}

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